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Video Games: The Dilemma

Video games come in numerous formats: Nintendo, Play Station, and X-Box. There are also PC and cell phone games as well. These games are usually played online today with fellow players from all around the world. Such games usually have no end and just build level by level, round by round. Many are “shoot ‘em up games”, others are more strategy oriented. Most cater to boys and men, although many girls and women play them too. However, on average women usually spend more time on social media versus video games. Therefore, for purposes of this article, video games will be described as an activity for men and how that activity relates to dating and relationships with women. Why Video Games Are Popular with Men: When video games were first introduced in the late 1970s and 1980s, the games existed as big tower games at a formal arcade that cost a quarter/game. You always started at the beginning level of the game and it was only meant to last a few minutes. Home video game consoles appeared too but were very primitive with poor graphics. These new systems included Atari, Intellivision, Nintendo, and others. These home game systems also were structured the same as the arcade games, which starting at a beginning level and were also only meant to last a few minutes. In short, early video games rarely were played for long periods of time.

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