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How to Survive as a Couple When Everything Hits the Fan

Many relationships break under the intense pressures that we often find ourselves under, but if there is one guarantee in life, it’s that sometimes things don’t go our way, and sometimes many things don’t go our way all at once. Instead of letting inevitable challenges undermine your relationship, use them as a way to draw even closer as a couple.


Be honest about what you're feeling as you face hardship. The more you open up about your fears, your overwhelm, and your self-doubts, the more your partner can open about his or her own worries, and the more your relationship will be founded on transparency. But don’t just focus on the bad. Also communicate the joys you are experiencing alongside the bad, and ways you can benefit from the experience.

Remember the Positives

When the main waterline to my house burst, when my heater broke in -20 degree weather, when my kitchen ceiling started leaking yet again, I’ve had to remind myself that at least I have a house that bad things can occasionally happen to. When I have to fork