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Overcoming a Negative Attitude

After dating and relationship problems or failures, it is understandable to develop a negative attitude towards relationships and the opposite sex. The self-protective part of us inside can promote a cynical, avoidant attitude to lessen the chance of more pain and disappointment. The problem is that when we develop a negative attitude like this, we also lose out on the chance for relationship opportunities and success. Loneliness becomes inevitable. Plus, who wants to feel negative, angry, or resentful all the time? Not an enjoyable way to live. Therefore, learning how to prevent or overcome a negative attitude like this is important towards finally finding and keeping a happy, healthy relationship. Overcoming a Negative Attitude Towards Relationships: *Remember Previous Successes—think of the better moments you have had in the past with the opposite sex—friends, dating, and the better parts of previous relationships. Perhaps write these things down in a journal. What did you enjoy most? Why did it go well? What were the better parts of your time together? When we review and remember the better aspects of previous relationships, our attitude softens and we start to want these kinds of moments again in our lives.

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