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Comparing Looks

Whether you are male or female, looking good increases your dating stock immensely. Why? Because looking good increases romance, physical attraction, and sexual chemistry. The more people that are attracted to someone’s looks, the greater the options they will have to pick from in the dating pool. In short, looking good is important in the dating world. It is natural, instinctive, an important part of spark, connection, and giving/receiving affection. To deny the important role of looks in a relationship (“it shouldn’t matter”) puts one at a great disadvantage and will lessen one’s chances in the dating pool. For more information about looks, attraction, and relationships, see these 2 additional articles as well: and The question for this article is, how do you react to another’s good looks of the same sex? More specifically, what is the best way to react to seeing another person of the same sex that looks good? Using Other’s Looks as Positive Role Models: The best way I can recommend reacting to seeing another highly attractive member of the same sex is admiration. To see this person as a positive role model with the self-care and efforts they put into their looks and how they maximize what is possible. This includes their immense dedication with eating right, exercising, sleeping patterns, fashion, hair/nails/makeup efforts, and whatever else the person has done to look good. It can be a lot of work. Look for particular ideas and beauty tips you can emulate and borrow. Notice the increased social opportunities this person enjoys and use that as motivation to improve your looks as well.

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