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Being Healthy

It is hard to have a healthy, happy dating and married relationship if you yourself are not personally healthy. The goal of this article is to give you a review of several key elements to be personally healthy, happy, and ready to offer the best version of yourself to another. So, what are the important elements of yourself to work on? And how can you be personally healthy? Here are some ideas: Elements of Personal Health: Physical Health: basically, to be physically healthy involves giving regular attention to eating healthy, exercising on a regular basis, and developing a regular and adequate sleep schedule. Physical health also relates to keeping the Word of Wisdom in relation to avoidance of harmful or illicit substances to your body: prescription medication abuse, illicit drug use, alcohol or tobacco consumption, etc. Also, it is important to identify and maintain a healthy weight for yourself. Basically, if you feel physically healthy and energetic, you will radiate a positive energy that is attractive to others. Plus this will help invigorate you for the ups and downs of the dating process. Social Health: regularly associating with the opposite sex both in and out of a dating relationship is important to feel socially healthy—especially before you have a fully committed dating relationship or marriage. Talking with and socializing with the opposite sex whenever possible will give you a spark to elevate your mood and give you momentum to find a new committed relationship. Look for opportunities and take them. Furthermore, spending time with same sex friends from work, church, or other places will also help you have fun, give you validation, empathy, and support on your single journey, and give you important peers to relate to and connect with.

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