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Assessing Spirituality

When first getting to know someone and as you begin dating, assessing the other person’s level of spirituality is important. Why? Because the greater the mismatch spiritually between the both of you, the greater the challenges tend to be in the relationship. How does that make sense? If the other person is much stronger spiritually than you, shouldn’t that be a plus? For them personally, yes. But not necessarily for you both in the relationship.

A highly spiritual person tends to be very devoted and strict with their habits. If that is very different than your habits, these differences can and probably will lead to conflict and resentment with you “not being spiritual enough for them” and you probably not improving soon enough and well enough for them. Conversely, if the other person is notably at a lower level than you with their spiritual devotion and commitment, you will be more likely to have conflict and resentment towards them for “not being spiritual enough”. And you could also get upset when they don’t change and improve in these ways well enough and soon enough.