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Different Wiring

Men and women have different brains, and because of this, tend to have different ways to act and react across many different situations and circumstances. To give you a crash course on this subject, I recommend Mark Gungor. He is a speaker and author who reviews and focuses on the often funny and interesting differences between male and female brains. These differences account for so much of the differences between men and women across the board. As a crash course on the subject, you can view video clips of his ideas at:

Also, he has written a book you may wish to check out: Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage.

For the purposes of this article, a few of these differences he talks about will be examined, along with some ideas and suggestions for trying to navigate these differences.

Male/Female Brain Differences:

  • Compartmentalization vs Interconnections: Men tend to have more of a natural ability to compartmentalize information, events, and feelings, often separating such things in different compartments (which Mark calls “boxes”). We men open or close different subject boxes depending on whatever subject is the focus of the moment. Then after the subject has passed, we tend to put close the subject and end it until the subject resurfaces again in the future. Women on the other hand tend to have most notable subjects intertwined, overlapping, and interconnected. Therefore, what the focus of conversations and topics for men and women can be challenging to integrate together. Mutual confusion often results.

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