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Low Libido?

As you know, single member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are expected to keep the law of chastity, which basically states that we need to reserve sexual expression within the confines of marriage only. And with the “do you keep the law of chastity?” question as a part of the temple recommend, we are regularly reminded of the importance to reserve sexual expression for marriage. OK. But at the same time, what about your sexual libido? It is understandable for your libido as a single member to be lower than others. Singles working to keep the law of chastity commonly tend to have lower libidos because they strive to not stir up such emotions for fear of acting out in a regrettable fashion—perhaps even in a way requiring a trip to confess and address the sin with a bishop. Understandable.

So why am I even bothering with an article talking about this topic? Two reasons. First, a proper purpose of a strong sexual libido is that acts as a strong motivator to help one strive for a new relationship, to date, and to eventually marry. Utilized correctly, one’s libido can be a powerful force to channel as an effective motivator towards appropriate socialization, commitment, and marriage. Second, a strong libido helps promote a regular, healthy sex life in an eventual future marriage to help bond couples together throughout the years and decades. Therefore, for these two appropriate purposes, I will review a few ideas to help increase your libido. So, what can be done to help boost a low or even non-existent libido? Suggestions are given below.

Ideas to Increase Your Libido:

  • Develop a positive attitude about sex. Liking sex and seeing the subject as a positive thing is helpful to boost libido. Practice telling yourself positive (yet appropriate) things about sex when exercised properly in marriage. See sex in a optimistic fashion. Not only will this help motivate you to date and marry, but this positive attitude towards sex will carry over to help support your eventual marriage as well. Be aware of your self-talk on the subject of sex (and the opposite sex in general). Keep your self-talk on these subjects as positive and appropriate as possible.

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