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Marriage Fuel

I’ve heard it said before that a marriage can be thought of as a living organism. Like any organism, “the marriage” can starve and die if it doesn’t receive the proper and adequate nutrition it needs. And even though there are many different forms of relational nutrition for a marriage, I wanted to highlight 2 forms in particular. Below I will share arguably the 2 top marital fuels that are important to a marriage: one for men and one for women. Hopefully when you marry, you can remember this little article and make special efforts in these key areas throughout the rest of your lives together and beyond.

Marriage Fuel for Women: Good Listening—

Why is listening so important for women in a marriage? Because women will often talk out loud and vent in an effort to bond, to work through feelings, and to make meaning of life. By talking and articulating their feelings out loud, women can feel validated, understood, empathized with, and find agreement. When a woman vents and talks out a problem or issue and the man listens well, she feels better emotionally, as well as feeling cared for, supported, and loved by him. Wom