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Money Matters

A touchy subject in the dating and relationship world is money. When joining lives together, wherever you and the other person is at financially is significant. Basically, there are two main components of this issue: income and debt. Adding to these two issues is credit score. When a person’s income/assets are notably greater than their debt, the better off they are financially and have a “positive net worth”. Conversely, the greater the person’s debt relative to their income and assets, the worse off they are financially and are considered “in debt”. And a person’s credit score matters as well. The higher the credit score, the better their ability to get loans in the future as needed: for houses, cars, other investments. Considering where both sides are at financially is practical, common sense, and important. Along with how other standard issues like looks and how fun a person is, their financial situation matters. A lot.

Relational Possibilities with Money:

*Discrepancies: When one person comes into the relationship with strong finances and the other comes in with notable debt and/or a limited income (or even no income), this discrepancy needs to be navigated. Does the person with the better financial situation have a generous, sharing attitude towards the other? Or do they possess a miserly, mistrusting, negative attitude towards the other? And is the person with debt and/or the limited income prospects willing to work on this issue and improve their situation? Or are they mostly hoping that the more financially secure person will take care of them and compensate? Also, is there a need for a prenuptial agreement?

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