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Q&A: How Can I Trust My Choices?


Hi Randy: How do you get over the discouragement and mistrust of your own judgment? I did everything I was ever supposed to do and still ended up married to a very not good person. I've never had a drink, a cigarette, done drugs, always been active in church, did my callings, served a mission, stayed chaste, I knew my husband for over a year before we got married, and we were married in the temple. I even did therapy to deal with past trauma before marriage. I did everything I was ever asked and it still ended up badly. I am not angry at God but I am very discouraged in trying to move forward. How do you trust yourself to choose a good person when it seems like you did everything right the first time and still ended in flames? Thank you.


Thank you for your question. One of the biggest challenges of marrying is choosing a good