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Q&A: What's Your Idea of a Special Weekend with a Significant Other? Why?

You tell us your 17 perfect romantic weekends.

  1. I like going out of town with my sweetheart, on long scenic drives. Then eating at fine restaurants with lots of flavor, such as Fogo de ciao. And I like walks in the warm evening air, someplace tropical. - Danny F.

  2. A nice dinner and good movie - Will B.

  3. Roadtrip... ANYwhere can be cool with the right person - Sean-Paul T.

  4. Disneyland… so we can forget about the stress of life and hold on to the innocence and joy of being a kid again for a couple of days. - Richard S.

  5. Sneak into someplace where we shouldn't be, and do something that we shouldn't be doing. - Dean R.

  6. Adult extracurricular activities. Why? It's fun. Dawnell T.

  7. Trip to London to see a show at the West End and shop. - Mark G.

  8. Getting away to a quiet spot to enjoy time together. Sleep in and wander around the town you decided to stay at and explore. - Jeffrey L.

  9. A trip to the mountains to hike and then soak in hot springs. - Robert D.

  10. At this point? Just having a Significant Other to spend time on the weekend with. - Alfred H.

  11. Camping with hiking, swimming, and cooking over the fire or hotel on the beach with sightseeing, restaurants, and playing in the water. - Heidi C

  12. Airbnb in the mountains. The house has a jacuzzi for nightly cuddles in the warm water. - Marci W.

  13. ..A road trip and some time in/on/near the water. Time spent appreciating nature. Throw in a baseball game and some laughter. - Marnie W.

  14. Something I’ve always wanted to try is: Pack for a weekend getaway, go to the airport and purchase the cheapest ticket at that moment, and go wherever that ticket takes you. Spur of the moment type date. Yes, yes, a little planning could produce a great trip as well, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the spontaneity. - Jason B.

  15. Really, just being with her. It doesn't matter where we are or what we're doing. - Dale B.

  16. Visiting a place neither of us has been to and finding random and/or historical sights. Play rock paper scissors for 3 rounds,, and winner picks where to go for the appetizer, entree, and dessert. - Shasta H.

  17. Camping with a boat ride, fishing, and enjoying the talk next to a campfire. Barcus G.

  18. A motel, restaurants, just some quiet "us" time, going for some walks, a few movies (inside) I'm a simple girl. - Wendy N.

What's your idea of a perfect weekend?


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