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Staying Close and Connected

In dating and marriage, the honeymoon phase of infatuation will help carry a relationship from the beginning for a number of months or even a year or two. However, even the most exciting, stimulating relationship will eventually calm down, cool off, and become—gasp—mundane. No escaping it. Nothing will be new and stay new forever. Impossible. As the initial powerful butterflies calm down, a more companionate (“friendship-based”) relationship naturally and inevitably takes hold. Some partners may see this as a red flag and an emergency. A sign that “maybe this wasn’t the right person after all and maybe we shouldn’t be together”. And that “maybe I need to go find someone else to provide those butterflies again”. This is a mistake. Sadly, if a person floats from one relationship to the next in hopes of finding and always keeping those butterflies has an unreasonable and unrealistic idea of relationships. Announcement: no one keeps the new relationship excitement/butterflies forever. That is just real life.

Keeping As Close and Connected as Possible:

To feed, fuel, support, and nourish your dating (and maybe/hopefully/eventually married) relationship, there are some things you can do: