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Staying Power in a Relationship

Relationships have two basic phases. In the first phase, relationships are new, exciting, and exhilarating. Often, partners become very infatuated, even obsessed with the other. Hence, this phase is often called the “infatuation phase”. Time together is often intoxicating, and time away is spent longing to be together once more as soon as possible. This stimulating phase often lasts anywhere from 6-12 months, sometimes less, sometimes more. Rarely does this phase last longer than about 2 years. The strong instinct and emotion of this stage powers a couple to bond together in an emotional and physical way. The infatuation phase literally bridges the gap from meeting each other to being committed and settled together as a stable couple. It is very important and enjoyable, yet will not last. At least not like it was when the relationship is new. That only occurs once.

Then, after this newness and excitement wears off to a notable degree, the relationship calms down. If this calming of excitement reveals a weak, hollow, superficial, or even unhealthy relationship, such relationships often fall apart and break up at this time. There was not enough health, bonding, and overall compatibility to allow the relationship to continue. In other words, such relationships lack staying power. Certain glue is needed to allow a relationship to keep going over the years, decades, and as we understand as fellow members, eternity. In this little article, several ideas and suggestions will be given to assist you with strengthening a relationship to have staying power after the initial excitement fades and real, regular life sets in. As the old saying goes, “the honeymoon is over”.

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