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The Creed of President George Albert Smith

President George Albert Smith was the LDS church president from 1945-1951, being a general authority through the Great Depression and World War II. To be a church leader through such difficult and challenging times helped to cultivate many admirable principles and values in this great man. Many an article could be created in relation to his great words and teachings. There is one particular set of ideas from President Smith that I wanted to share in this little article that I feel can be very helpful for singles. During singlehood, searching for a new relationship and spouse is only part of your journey. This is also a great opportunity to work on your own personal principles, values, and ideals. The healthier, happier, and more spiritual you become, the more prepared you will be for the next relationship. You will also have a much better version on yourself to offer that future relationship. Accordingly, the more we can learn about, emulate, and adopt President Smith’s ideals and wisdom, the better off we will be.

Personal Creed:

From the Teaching of the Presidents of the Church: George Albert Smith, we learn the following: