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To Move or Not to Move?

One tough reality for today’s single church members with dating: do they choose to move to an area with better dating opportunities or do they stay put and do the best they can where they are? The answer to this question is completely arbitrary and up to you. However, this article will review some possible challenges to moving that need to be overcome to hopefully help with your decision. The fact is that some areas have many more single members than others—namely the bigger metros in Utah, Idaho, Arizona, and parts of California. Most other areas have far fewer single members available for dating and relationships. Single, active members can be especially sparse in most areas besides those just listed.

Issues/Challenges to Address Before Moving:

*Money, Kids, and/or Family Support: the main reason people have for not choosing to move to an area with more single members are because they have certain practical real-life factors apart from their social life that keep them where they are: a good career, family connections are in the area, and/or shared child custody with an ex in a co-parenting arrangement. If a combination of those reasons leads you to feel you need to stay where you are—at least for a certain period of time—that is fine. You may choose to stay where you are and largely forgo dating for a while, or may open yourself up to possible LDRs (long-distance relationships). If you would like to look into long-distance relationships, learn more about navigating this here.

  • Anxiety and Other Emotional Issues: To make the daring move to uproot your life and move to an area with more single members, it can be emotionally challenging. If you are currently experiencing too much anxiety or depression to make such a move, you should probably work these issues out first before making your move. Consider getting regular counseling with a qualified and licensed psychotherapist. Also, self-help materials and groups may be helpful as well.

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