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Help Your Child Adjust to Middle School With These 5 Tips

Middle school can be a tough time for everyone. These years are when your kids will start to build their own identity and become more independent. And while this is all great, it can also be challenging. Kids might be trying to navigate their way through the social hierarchy without you by their side. They might have to balance academics with extracurriculars or maybe they're just feeling homesick. No matter what's going on, here are five ways that you can help your child adjust to middle school.

1. Give your child a voice

It's easy for kids to hide how they really feel. Talk to your child openly about what's going on in their day and what they're struggling with. Listen to their concerns and let them know that they can always come to you for help. Let them know that they're allowed to be happy, angry, frustrated, and tired. It's also important to ask your child what their interests and goals are so you can support them in their goals.

Once your child enters middle school, they'll likely be getting more involved with things like clubs and teams. This means that they'll be spending a lot of time with different people. Ask them to describe who the most im